Dry times

The Okavango Delta is a beautiful wildlife area recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a pulsing wetland that owes its existence to the Okavango River which flows down from the Angolan Highlands and floods annually into the harsh dry Kalahari Desert. These flood waters reach the Delta between March and June each

Annual Gathering

Our Board of Trustees field trip this year focused on our work with the communities who live in and around wildlife areas in the Okavango. RCB works with these communities to improve their livelihoods and to build trusting relationships that can withstand the threat of poaching interests. It is our profound conviction that local people

Scoring for rhinos

Rhino Conservation Botswana put smiles on the faces of softball players in Mochudi, a large village in Botswana, by sponsoring the prizes for a softball tournament attended by seven schools from four districts across Botswana. The theme “Keep the Five Alive” was observed and Sedibelo Junior Secondary School gave a presentation on the five rhino

Running for rhinos

A big congratulations and thank you to team rhino – Serena Scott, Kathy Ives, Sophie Wren, Emily Reay and Alastair Rimmer (AKA Molly the Rhino).  These stalwart RCB supporters ran the London Marathon on the 28 April in support of rhino conservation. It was a fun but challenging day for all of our runners and