Gift Shop

Looking for gifts for rhino-loving friends and want to give something back to conservation? By shopping with some of RCB’s friends, you can contribute to our vital work to protect Botswana’s rhinos.

Save the Chubby Unicorn

Bright and cheerful, top quality tees (and other lovely stuff) with a cheeky slogan. If you love rhinos, shout about it! 100% profits go to RCB.

Rhino Tears Jewellery

Lovely teardrop shaped jewellery in fine silver and gold. 100% profits support rhino conservation projects in Africa, including RCB.

Rhino Bracelets

These beautiful beaded rhino bracelets, designed by Philippa Yorke-Smith, have been lovingly hand-made by a crafter at the Hillcrest AIDS Center in Durban, South Africa. 10% of each sale is donated to RCB.

Good Hope Gin

Now you can sip gin for charity! This tasty gin uses the freshest botanicals and is produced by a team with a passion for the environment. 100% profits go to RCB. COMING SOON!

Rhino Adoption Gifts

Rhino-lovers everywhere will enjoy sharing the adventures of two delightful rhinos living wild in Botswana. 100% of every adoption goes to protecting this pair and their wild cousins.

Earth Zoo

A vibrant and creative range of eco-friendly animal t-shirts, supporting wildlife conservation. A share of profits from sales of their rhino tees goes to RCB.

‘Wearable Works of Art’

This exclusive range of beautiful rhino bags and accessories has been designed by artist Elizabeth Lagercrantz and Philippa Yorke-Smith. Every item in the range is lovingly hand-beaded by grandmothers at the Hillcrest AIDS Center in Durban, South Africa. 10% of proceeds from sales is donated to RCB.