Translocations 2



Before RCB and our partners can even think about translocating a rhino, there are certain protocols that must be observed. First, government permissions and support must be obtained from both Botswana and the donor country.

South Africa and Zimbabwe are currently experiencing intense pressure from poachers, with rhino poaching increasing by 30% in Kruger National Park in 2015. So moving a rhino to Botswana can be an investment in the species’ future.

If a national park agrees, it will send a delegation to the Okavango Delta, in Botswana, to appraise the area to which the rhinos will be introduced, assess the habitat and facilities, and review the management and security systems in place. If they like what they see – and they usually do! – they will approve the proposed translocation.

As the paperwork builds, we can start organising the next step of this meticulous operation… the logistics!

No rhino will be translocated until the weight of the paperwork exceeds that of the rhino.

Map Ives
MAP IVES, Director RCB