Translocations 5



The rhinos’ journey begins late in the afternoon so that they are only confined to their crates when it’s nice and cool. First, the vet tranquilises the animals in the bomas, then RCB fits each one with a state-of-the-art tracking device.

We partially revive each rhino, load it in a crate, put it on a truck and begin a long drive. RCB and our partners only translocate rhinos during the coldest months of the year so that the rhinos don’t overheat in the crates. Of course, this makes it really cold for us and the security team perched on top of the crates.

We then drive to the nearest airstrip, where a massive cargo aircraft is waiting. It’s a very welcome sight! A very large forklift loads the rhinos’ crates into the back of the aircraft and our rhinos take to the skies…