Translocations 7



After many months of careful planning and nerve-shredding action, the rhinos are finally ready to start their new life in the Okavango Delta’s beautiful wilderness.

They have one last check-over, then the door to the boma opens… and they step out to freedom. It’s an emotional moment for everyone. We have taken their precious lives in our hands, and now they are safe.

With the help of the Department of Wildlife and National Parks and the Botswana Defence Force, RCB will now protect and monitor them. Over time, their numbers will build into an internationally significant population that, one day, may be the last hope for their kind.

I think many of us feel that there’s no point in fighting. Afterall, what can we do? We can’t stop this terrible situation. But what I learned in Africa is that we must make the effort anyway. Because until the story is concluded, there is always hope.

Uma Thurman