Sponsorship in Kind

Across Africa, rhinos have suffered a catastrophic decline due to hunting for their horns and loss of their natural habitats. A life in Botswana could be one of the last hopes for these species.

Can your business help support our work to protect rhinos in Botswana?

We need rhino capture and transport crates, capture bomas and correctly outfitted trucks for returning wandering rhinos back home.

We need skilled veterinarians, game capture crews, security teams and pilots.

We need air support and all-terrain vehicles for monitoring, as well as equipment, such as binoculars, sturdy boots, first-aid kits and satellite phones.

We need help building field bases within the rhinos’ range in Botswana. These basic but flexible camps are vital for effective monitoring and management of the rhinos as their range expands.

Rhino conservation is one of the biggest issues facing wildlife today. Can you help us do something amazing?

Your support will be recognised on our website and across our social media platforms, as well as at relevant events. We can also devise joint campaigns and creative opportunities to engage our audiences with your brand, both in Africa and in our other territories.

To discuss sponsorship, partnership or other opportunities to work together, please contact info@rhinoconservationbotswana.com