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Angela grew up in Germany and Switzerland, where she was educated in both French and German. After graduating from the Université de Genève, she began a highly successful career in international luxury consumer goods, working in Switzerland and around the world for global brands. Her responsibilities included strategic marketing and communication.

Sixteen years later, in 2003, Angela moved to work for a Zurich-based family office, to whom she provided advice on philanthropy and art. Then in 2013, she founded Berney Fine Arts, Basel (Switzerland), offering art advisory.

Angela’s passion for wildlife was ignited in 2015 when she made her first trip to beautiful Botswana. There, she encountered Map Ives and was impressed by his passion and commitment to, and expertise in, rhino conservation in Botswana. He made her aware of the precariousness of the rhino’s future – and our one real chance to fight for its survival.

As soon as Angela returned to Switzerland, she founded the not-for-profit organisation ‘Friends of Rhino Conservation Botswana, Switzerland’ in order to help raise awareness of, and financial support for, Map’s dream and the rhinos.

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When I learned of the rhinos’ plight from Map, I knew instantly that I had to do all I could to help. I believe that Rhino Conservation Botswana has the power to make a real difference, because it has an indomitable mix of personal commitment, political support and dedicated allies that makes anything possible. Through the Swiss charity, we do our bit to ensure there are wild rhinos tomorrow.

Angela Berney Preiswerk
ANGELA BERNEY PRIESWERK, Trustee (Switzerland)