Team – Kai Collins



Born in Botswana and schooled in South Africa, Kai grew up with a passion for wildlife, the environment and conservation. This led him to complete undergraduate and masters degrees in zoology, then go on to tackle a PhD on endangered species and climate change through the University of Pretoria. His main research interests are conservation biology, conservation area planning, ecological monitoring and climate change mitigation.

In 2007, Kai joined Wilderness Safaris Botswana as a conservation ecologist. He brought with him a decade of knowledge about conservation biology and ecology, and experience from five years helping to shoot wildlife documentaries for companies such as African Wildlife Films, Aquavision and Afriscreen Films.

Kai went on to become an environmental manager for Wilderness and then, in 2012, group conservation manager. He now coordinates the company’s efforts in biodiversity conservation and research for about 50 lodges in seven African countries, covering a conservation footprint of 26,000 sq km.

He has managed the Botswana Rhino Project for the past nine years, and coordinated the recent reintroductions of black and white rhinos into the Okavango Delta in Botswana.

It’s an honour to play a role in reintroducing black and white rhinos to their former range. The feeling of opening the boma gates and watching them walk free into the Botswana wilderness is indescribable.

I look forward to continuing this amazing success story, and to helping safeguard Africa’s rhino populations for generations to come. Rhinos are where they belong – at last – and RCB will keep it that way.

Kai Collins
KAI COLLINS, Trustee (Botswana)