Team – Neville Isdell



Though born in Ireland, Neville was brought up in Zambia. And Africa has kept a hold on his heart ever since.

It was in Zambia, in 1966, that he got his first job with The Coca-Cola Company at a local bottling plant. By 2004, he had risen to the position of chairman and CEO. During this time, he expanded Coca-Cola’s legacy of corporate responsibility by ensuring that sustainability was at the heart of every facet of the organisation – and helping to assure its role as a community-connected 21st century enterprise.

During his 43-year career, Neville has worked around the world in the Philippines, Germany, London and Atlanta. But no matter how busy he is, he always tries to return at least once a year to the African bush.

Today, Neville and his wife Pamela are deeply committed to protecting the incomparable wild landscapes with which they both grew up – and to helping people and wildlife live together in harmony. Neville serves on the boards of a number of NGOs and is chairman of the World Wildlife Fund USA, and a member of the World Wildlife International Board of Trustees.

Though I am deeply involved with wildlife around the world, I remain Africa-centric at heart. I believe that the rhino can flourish and be uniquely protected in Botswana.

NEVILLE ISDELL, Trustee (Ireland)